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History of Automobile Paints


  It is the first thing you see when you go to get in your car. It is the last thing you see when you leave your car. It is the most expensive part of the car. Most importantly, it was the single largest factor you used to select your car. Make, model, mileage and motor all take a back seat when it comes to the quality and color of the finish. As demanding consumers we buy with our eyes. So how did we get to the incredible colors and high gloss of today’s vehicle paints? Continue reading “History of Automobile Paints”

Paint Correction (Machine Polishing or Buffing)

This page was designed to explain and to help you understand the process of how we correct your paint, or rather, your clear coat or tint coat, from oxidation, scratches, scuffs, scrapes, flaws, defects and marring from any number of things, such as bird droppings, sap or bugs, swirl marks, car washes, hard water spots, acid rain, sodium & magnesium chloride and UV.

Continue reading “Paint Correction (Machine Polishing or Buffing)”

Acid Rain

The term “Acid Rain” refers to both wet and dry deposition of acidic pollutants that may damage material surfaces. Including auto surfaces! These pollutants are released when coal and other fossil fuels are burned, react with water vapor and oxidants in the atmosphere and are chemically transformed into sulfuric and nitric acid, which is similar to battery acid. Continue reading “Acid Rain”